Grey Matters offers Masterclasses which are workshops that supports, and promotes personal and professional development.

Masterclasses are designed for both individual and employee well-being. All Masterclasses are created using Mindfulness and Positive Psychology concepts and exercises and can be facilitated (where and when) at your convenience. Masterclasses can also be attended online on request.

Individual Well-being

Facilitating personal growth for a more thriving and authentic life

Join a Masterclass workshop that uses Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to help improve your overall well-being:

– Increasing your life satisfaction

– Increase and build on your self-awareness and self-confidence

– Build and strengthen your resilience to stress and other challenging life events

– Increase your positive out-look and embrace a positive and growth mindset

#Authentic Me 2023 Upcoming Masterclass: January/February

#Authentic Me 2023 Upcoming Masterclass: March

#Authentic Me 2023 Upcoming Masterclass: April

#Authentic Me 2023 Upcoming Masterclass: May

Employee and Workplace Well-being

Improving wellbeing, motivation and high-performance in employees and organisations

Organisations know that a happy, healthy, and productive employee translates into a healthy and sustainable organisation.

Grey Matters Coaching facilitates Masterclasses in several topics that target goals that promote:

– Employee wellbeing

–Individual and professional potential

– Facilitates positive organisational culture

–Collaboration and organisational productivity