Marketing for Private Practice

Grey Matters Marketing supports coaches, social workers, counsellors, and psychologists grow their private practice client base through content marketing and other targeted strategies.

The Grey Matters Marketing Team has over 17 years of experience in the mental/health industry and is equipped and capable to deliver and serve your business. Our services are end-to-end. From strategy to development and implementation. Freeing you to focus on your clients, patients, and advocacy work.

You are in control, and you can tailor what your business needs by choosing items from the below listed services.

Not quite sure yet? Grey Matters Marketing through a “Discovery Session” can help you decide what is best suited to help you and your business grow. Or you can choose our ready-made packages- contact us for more information on these.

Content Creation

Bespoke health and well-being content

You are the expert in your world, but you don’t have the time, tools, or capacity to create content that delivers a strong and aesthetic message that resonates with your staff and / or clients.

We create bespoke health and well-being content that follows your organisational needs using; blogs, newsletters, website content, social media posts, video, campaigns, surveys, podcasts, webinar/workshop content, and more.

All content created is based on scientific and reputable sources.

Media Training & Mentoring

Helping Healthcare professionals grow their business through media exposure

Do you want to grow your practice or want to advocate and create awareness on health and well-being but don’t know how to get started? We provide you with the skills and tools to conduct podcasts, TV & radio interviews, and webinars and provide comments to text driven media (newspapers, blogs etc.).

Training: prepare you and your team for interviews and other media engagements, through learning key communications and presentation skills.

Mentoring: our team offers post-interview support and analysis, to help improve your skills.

Masterclass Development & Facilitation

Webinars and workshops targeting health & well-being subject matters

Are you in the business of supporting organisations with improving their employee wellbeing? Or do you own your own business and you want to uplift your employee’s morale, improve their productivity and overall wellbeing?

But you would like to outsource:

Content strategy and creation: we will help you develop a strategy that covers and targets various pain points and areas of development

Presentation development and branding: we will design and create content for your presentation, or if you already have developed the content, we can assist with copy editing and formatting. In addition, we will ensure that your presentation clearly represents and complies with your brand identity.

Implementation of the Workshop: we have several experts within the field with years of experience, ready to facilitate your workshop on your behalf.

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Who is on the team?


Engagement Director

A strategic thinker with years of experience in marketing and communications within the health and mental health industry.



Talented researchers and creators with a passion for writing health and mental health content.


Graphic Designers

A team of creative and out-the-box designers with years of experience within the health and medical scheme industry.

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