Employee & Workplace Workshops

Improving wellbeing, motivation and high-performance in employees and organisations

Organisations know that a happy, healthy, and productive employee translates into a healthy and sustainable organisation.

Grey Matters Coaching facilitates Masterclasses in several topics that target goals that promote:

– Employee wellbeing

–Individual and professional potential

– Facilitates positive organisational culture

–Collaboration and organisational productivity

Media Training & Mentoring

Helping Healthcare professionals grow their business through media exposure

Do you want to grow your practice or want to advocate and create awareness on health and well-being but don’t know how to get started? We provide healthcare professionals with the skills and tools to conduct podcasts, TV & radio interviews, and webinars.

Training: prepare you and your team for interviews and other media engagements through learning key communications and presentation skills.

Mentoring: our team offers post-interview support and analysis, to help improve your skills.